Brexit Party Aims


1. Sovereign Nation - Clean Break from EU

Great Britain will be a sovereign nation with democratic control over its laws, money and borders.  An independent nation with an optimistic, international vision.  A clean break with the EU is the first vital step.  Investment in regions outside London will create a fairer and freer country.

2. Liberty

The UK must a nation of free and equal citizens, enjoying the historic liberties we pioneered such as freedom of speech and looking after those in need.  We champion the values of tolerance and fairness and embrace diversity of opinion. 

3. Trust & Integrity

Trust and integrity at the centre of political life.  Britain needs political leaders that people can trust - and who will trust the people to make their own democratic decisions.  

4. Get Worthing Moving

Immediately execute the A27 dual carriageway/bypass upgrades.  South East England needs a reliable East-West motorway from Portsmouth to Eastbourne.  Invest in other local infrastructure to allow Worthing to attract businesses and families.

5. Political Reform

Change the House of Lords to a smaller elected body; change to a proportional representation voting system.