Our Prospective Candidate


Gordon Hoff, 56, is an IT executive in the banking and financial services industry.  He is happily married with three grown children.  He was born in the USA with career experience in banking operations and IT in San Francisco, Sydney, Australia and London.  He has held P&L responsibility for worldwide teams for 30 years, including responsibility for negotiation of multiple billion-pound sized deals.  He currently manages >£200m in annual turnover and team size of 1500, within a larger corporation.  He holds citizenship in Australia and USA (UK is pending) and has business relationships in India and China. 

He has an undergraduate degree in Finance and Mgmt Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from San Francisco State University.  Gordon has realised a lifelong dream of living and working in south east England and enjoys living in vibrant seaside cities.  He is pleased to be selected to stand in Worthing as a good fit, and has relocated to Worthing.  You may see him riding his red Vespa.

Gordon believes that freedom is the most important idea on earth; and is Christian in belief and practice.  Additional views are:

o Conservative monetary and fiscal policy including lower flatter taxes which are well used by government to fulfil proper roles of a national government. Supportive of private industry (small/medium/large). 

o National sovereignty best serves the people by having decisions made closer to them. Laws should be made and judged in the UK.  Lawmakers are servants of the people and reflect the needs of their constituency. The voters directly select and remove their lawmakers through participative democracy. 

o Libertarian social views which value fully-funded law enforcement for functions which are within the proper role of government, and personal freedom in other areas.

o Value and respect for diversity and difference, with all people fairly treated according to their needs. Desire to build a society where people from different backgrounds and ages feel comfortable living alongside one another in communities. Equal opportunity for all.

Gordon is able to serve Worthing in the UK Parliament due to his Australian citizenship.  UK citizenship is pending.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are campaigning daily and there are many part-time roles needing to be filled.  The Brexit Party has rolled out a unique smart-phone app to support canvassing.  We also need meeting and communications coordinators.  Please click the button - give it a go!